About our Classes

Classes at Rising Moon Tai Chi are held in a relaxed and respectful environment. Usually conducted indoors, the session changes focus from individual and group work, to instructor led or student led exercises.  It is a standing activity, requiring similar energy levels as a good walk.  Of course, there are always chairs available if students would prefer this to standing. Wear layered clothing so you can remove clothing as you warm up. Special uniforms are not necessary, but clothing should be loose and comfortable.  Wear soft soled shoes.  It is a good idea to bring a drink bottle to each class.

Students are encouraged to leave their stress and worries at the door, to focus on the Tai Chi method, and to practice patience with themselves and each other. But above all, students are encouraged have fun and enjoy the learning experience.

Weather permitting, sessions can also be run outdoors, where the fresh air and beautiful surrounds can be enjoyed.

The class begins with the salute and warm-up exercises, followed by either a Tai Chi form, Shibashi or Qigong, depending upon the session. The class concludes with another salute, where students and instructor bow as a sign of mutual respect.

Social activities and community events are always enjoyed within the group and lunches, outings and morning teas are organised throughout the year.  All are welcome, including friends and families of students.

Many students, before beginning their first session, will confess that they have ‘poor coordination’, or ‘poor balance’ - however, all are pleasantly surprised after a few sessions as their confidence has improved, paving the way for development of coordination and balance. The journey is a slow but enjoyable one and the learning environment is a respectful and productive one.

Classes run for an hour and are held indoors. Classes are held in Mt Martha, Mornington and Somers and we have designated Beginner classes facilitated by experienced instructors for those just beginning their tai chi journey.

RMTC classes are always a positive experience, with new students warmly welcomed into the fold.

There are no joining fees at Rising Moon Tai Chi. Students are welcome to ‘pay as you go’, or purchase 10 sessions. 10 session packs have an expiry of 6 months and can be used for any time-tabled class. Classes run throughout the year, with the exception of Wednesdays 10:45 classes at Somers and Saturday morning classes at Currawong, Mornington, whcih run during school terms. Payment can be made in class by cash or credit card, or they can be purchased by using the PayPal button below. Gift vouchers can also be arranged, for 1, 5 or 10 sessions. Email info@risingmoontaichi.net for more information or to book into a class.

10 Sessions $155

Read What Students are Saying

Observations from a student attending weekly classes

"I would highly recommend the RMTC school to anyone contemplating beginning the tai chi journey, or anyone wishing to further advance their tai chi practice.  Jenny Harrison has a skill for presenting each of the tai chi forms in a step by step progression that enables all students to make considerable progress.  The class atmosphere Jenny cultivates is always nurturing, inclusive and encouraging with students ever ready to celebrate each other's achievements.  Support materials for home practice can be purchased through the school and have proved to be an invaluable aid.  Free tai chi sessions in the park over the summer months are a popular social activity and just one of the many ways Jenny demonstrates great dedication to running her school.

Tai Chi is often described as moving meditation.  When I joined the RMTC school, I found myself moving under the instruction of a dedicated and talented teacher and alongside a wonderful bunch of tai chi enthusiasts.  I highly recommend the School."  - Bev

Student Feedback from the November 2018 Teach Tai Chi Level 1 course

  • "Jenny is a natural communicator.  Her expertise as a trained educator shows in the way she teaches and she teaches the finer details of learning tai chi - the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.  Jenny is very generous with her knowledge and oh so patient."  - De

  • "Simple outstanding.  Best course in many years." - Mark

  • "This has challenged me in all the right ways." - Vanessa

  • "Exceeded all expectations."  - Karen