Fitness Australia Accredited Course

Teach Tai Chi Level 1 

Course Details

Open to all Tai Chi practitioners who would like to learn how to teach this beautiful form of standing meditation and exercise, personal trainers or group exercise instructors.  The course is also suitable for practitioners wanting to enhance their own tai chi skills.

Date and Time

Saturdays November 9, 16, 23, from 12:00 - 4:30

Saturday, November 30 from 12:00 - 2:00 (assessment day)


Goodlife Health Club, Tulip St, Sandringham


$420 (including GST), payable via PayPal, Visa or direct debit.  Includes all online videos and hard copy Resource Manual.  Click on the Add to Cart button for easy online payments or email for direct debit details. 

Learning Outcomes

Teaching Tai Chi requires a solid foundation in the understanding of Tai Chi concepts, with adequate competence and confidence to impart this knowledge to others and to answer any questions students may have. The RMTC Teach Tai Chi Level 1 course is heavily weighted to teaching basic Tai Chi skills and concepts, as well as imparting fundamental and effective teaching techniques.

The Tai Chi concepts and skills to be learned and understood include

  • Shifting weight smoothly

  • Sinking

  • Yin and yang – mental and physical balance

  • The 6 harmonies

  • Martial application of postures

  • Relaxation

  • Mindfulness

  • Visualisation

  • Intent

  • 5-Form

  • Introduction to 10-Form

  • Qigong exercises

  • Introduction to Shibashi Set 1

Specific teaching skills in this course include

  • How to break down each posture for ease of learning

  • Using repetition effectively

  • How to read the group and ascertain if any person feels out of his/her depth and how to respond

  • An understanding of different learning styles and this impacts on class structure

  • An understanding of different personality types and how this impacts on the group

  • How to ensure each person is included in the exercises, discussions and activities

  • How to provide positive feedback to enhance tai chi form

  • How to provide a varied learning environment

  • How to adapt the program to suit a particular group or individual

  • How and when to use mirror image and participant image

  • How to promote a healthy learning environment

  • How to adapt a class due to unexpected circumstances

  • How to implement appropriate health and safety procedures

  • The correct approach towards student confidentiality

  • Relating to different personality types

  • How to ensure it is an inclusive and productive learning environment

RMTC Teach Tai Chi Level 1 is an ideal way to begin teaching Tai Chi, whether students have prior knowledge and experience, or if they are new to this form of exercise.  Run over 3 non-consecutive days, this 14-hour course introduces basic Tai Chi concepts and teaching skills. The fourth session is for assessment. Although the concepts appear easy to learn, mastering each technique takes time and practice.  After Day 1, students will practice their skills, including stepping, stances, 5 Form and qigong ready for Day 2, where their Tai Chi and teaching skills, will be developed.  Day 3 is a practical session, where students refine their own technique under the guidance of the facilitator. Students’ teaching skills will also be appraised by observing their interaction and instruction while leading a small group. Successful completion of this course will give graduates the skills and knowledge to teach Tai Chi at a fundamental level with confidence and credibility.

On-line support with video clips will be available allowing students access before, during and after each course.

The RMTC Tai Chi courses are specifically written, designed and delivered in a way that empowers students with the knowledge and the skills to teach a good standard of tai chi, knowing that their own education and training should be ongoing and always developing.

What you will learn

  • Standing Meditation

  • 5 Form Yang Style

  • Introduction to 10 Form Yang Style

  • 3 Qigong exercises

  • Tai Chi Basics

  • How to structure a tai chi class

  • How to cater for a diverse range of students

  • How to use mirror and participant image effectively

What you will get

  • 16-hours tuition from an experienced and qualified facilitator, including appraisals of student videos

  • Comprehensive resource manual

  • Access to on-line video

  • Certificate and 15 CECs (for Fitness Australia members) after successful completion of written and practical assessments

  • Opportunity to take part in the RMTC mentoring program, instructor workshops and short courses

  • Full support during and after the course