RMTC Instructors

Jenny Harrison

Business Principal


Jenny’s interest in Tai Chi began almost 30 years ago when she was studying Goju Ryu karate with Tino Cerberano Martial Arts Academy.  After watching a demonstration of Tai Chi and the martial application of the postures, Jenny developed an interest in the concept of strength through softness, and soon the physical and cognitive benefits of slow, flowing movements became apparent.

Over the years, and under the guidance of Masters Ming Shao, Jesse Tsao, Deming Liu and Wing Cheung, Jenny has become proficient in Yang style, Tai Chi for Arthritis and Qigong.  Jenny is an approved Tai Chi (sword) instructor with WTQA and she has completed the Tai Chi for Mental Health and Cognitive Improvement course through Exercise Medicine Australia, as well as their Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention course. Jenny is the first accredited instructor for Wudang Bamboo Form, developed in 2011 by Master Su Rule.

Jenny is a member of Wushu, Tai Chi, Qigong Australia association and she has competed in a number of WTQA competitions, winning gold medals in Beijing 24 and 32 Sword forms and bronze in Eight Immortal Flute. Her school is registered for weapons exemption with WTQA , allowing Rising Moon Tai Chi School to issue sword permits for its students.

Jenny opened Rising Moon Tai Chi School, which is based on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, in 2015 and it has grown organically in just 4 years. The School now offers classes in Qigong, Shibashi, Tai Chi for Arthritis, Yang style tai chi, including Beijing 24, and Tai Chi for Mental Health and Cognitive Improvement.  It also delivers accredited instructor training courses for fitness professionals and tai chi students whose ambitions are to run their own tai chi classes.

Her qualifications include

  • Bachelor of Education

  • Diploma of Teaching (Primary)

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Cert III in Fitness

  • Eight Immortal Flute Instructor (Advanced Level) Tai Chi Healthways

  • Tai Chi Instructor – Ziranmen Kung Fu Academy

  • Tai Chi for Mental Health and  Cognitive Function - Exercise Medicine Australia

  • Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention - Exercise Medicine Australia

  • Level 2 Tai Chi and Qigong Instructor (Shibashi Set 1 and Shibashi Set 2) - Tai Chi, Qigong and Feng Shui Institute

  • Accredited Wudang Bamboo Form Instructor - Master Su Rule, Chi Genertation

  • Oz Tai Chi Instructor

  • Tai Chi for Arthritis Leader

  • Group Exercise Instructor

  • THUMP Boxing Instructor

  • Punchfit Punch Pad Instructor

  • MTT Bootcamp and Outdoor Group Fitness Trainer

  • TRX Trainer

  • Advanced First Aid

Christine Ying Goon


Christine has been practising tai chi for many years and has five years of teaching experience with U3A in Mornington. Her interest in tai chi began eight years ago, while being a full time carer for her mother.  Needing a means to relax, she enrolled in a tai chi course with the Arthritis Foundation, and under the guidance of Dr Paul Lam.  Christine found learning tai chi a life changing and stimulating experience, with the slow, flowing movements gently improving core strength, coordination and balance.

After learning tai chi as a student for many years and with the encouragement of Naomi Toy, a highly respected and experienced tai chi tutor, Christine began teaching Tai Chi for Arthritis at U3A.  Her students range from beginner to intermediate groups.  

Christine's passion for tai chi continued to grow, and over the last three years she has practised under the guidance of Sifu Jenny Harrison.  Christine has also trained with Master Jesse Tsao  during his visits to Australia, where she learned Eight Immortal Flutes, and more recently Double Bang, 24 Form.  Christine has worked with Simon Toomey, exploring martial applications of Beijing 24, and Master Su Rule, to learn Wudang Bamboo Form.  Christine also studied Dr Paul Lam's  Tai Chi for Health programme and she has completed the Teach Tai Ch Level 1 course.

Christine is a very popular and experienced instructor in Yang style tai chi, including 5 Form, 10 Form and Beijing 24, Tai Chi for Health and Tai Chi Ball, qigong and Shibashi. 

Christine's patience, knowledge and teaching skills enable her students to fully benefit from this beautiful form of gentle exercise in a supportive and friendly environment.

Keithia Coppen


Keithia's background is ballroom dancing, in which she trained and enjoyed thoroughly for many years. She also has a background in gymnastics coaching and has  a Diploma in Education,  specialising in  exceptional and special education. 

Her introduction to tai chi began 4 years ago, when she attended U3A classes, learning Sun style.  Realising this was the perfect partner to her dancing background she decided this form of exercise was the perfect balance in a wholistic approach to well being. 

Training under, and being mentored by Sifu Jenny  Harrison, Keithia has developed a sincere passion for the art of tai chi. She believes the tai chi journey to be a  fascinating and enriching one.  Keithia has attended Martial Applications workshop with Simon Toomey, and Master Su Rule's Wudang Bamboo Form, events which encourage the exploration of the tai chi form.  She teaches Yang Style at U3A, and is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and expertise with those new to this form of exercise.