Shibashi Set 1

  1. Commencing form

  2. Broadening the chest

  3. Painting the rainbow

  4. Separating the clouds

  5. Repulse monkey

  6. Rowing the boat

  7. Tossing the ball

  8. Carrying the moon

  9. Pushing the mountain

  10. Cloud hands

  11. Scooping the moon from the sea

  12. Playing with the waves

  13. Spreading your wings

  14. Warrior punch

  15. Wild goose flying

  16. Spinning wheels

  17. Bouncing the ball

  18. Old sage strokes his beard

Shibashi Set 2

  1. Regulating the chi

  2. Moving the chi along the microcosmic orbit

  3. Wind blowing in the willows

  4. Searching for needles in the sea

  5. Fisherman casting his nets

  6. Immortal pointing the way

  7. Mischievous boy kicking his legs

  8. Holy crane worshipping the moon

  9. Yellow dragon pushing out with claws

  10. Pulling the bow to shoot the eagle

  11. Twin dragons emerging from the sea

  12. Crossing the wild blue ocean

  13. Lion playing with a ball

  14. Embracing the moon at the dan tian

  15. Phoenix spreading its wings

  16. Striking the opponent’s ears

  17. Circling the chi around the dan tian

  18. Collecting the chi